Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bob Wills - Faded Love

Faded Love

This is a Western Swing tune by Bob Wills.

Bayou Pon Pon Teach

Here is the tune Bayou Pon Pon, the beginning has the full tune and the rest is me teaching it. Sorry the violin sound came out a little warbly I probably need to invest in an actual mic, surprisingly the mic on this Mac has done me really well though...except in this case.


This is me teaching the tune so it's a bit slower and explained.


Metsakukkia by efilsitra

Fiddlers Unite!

This is an online resource for fiddlers. Mainly used right now as my Wellington Fiddle Group blog but will be used for others soon. I have just posted the tune "Metsaukukkia" a Finnish waltz. Soon I will post more, feel free to search Youtube for more versions of this, some even have vocals. This is one of my favorites, it is in a different key than what I am teaching but it is a great reference.

Metsakukkia Waltz