Tuesday, January 3, 2012

David Wong

Check this guy out David Wong. I met David at the Christian Howe's Creative Strings Workshop in Columbus Ohio that puts a tooon of violin students together and madness occurs. It's a really awesome workshop you should check out if you are into alternative strings classes. Young and old fiddlers, cellists, bassists, and other string players (mainly of the f hole variety) come and play I think it's 25 gigs in a week around Columbus. I was fortunate enough to help out and met a ton of great players. David is one I admire a lot, he puts together these Youtube videos and just finds popular (or not so popular) songs to cover on the fiddle. He finds interesting arrangements and gets a ton of hits. I really like his ideas. Check his youtube page out here and find a cover you like.


Red Wing/Union Maid

Here is the tune "Red Wing" I found this version on Youtube. After the fiddler plays through the tune a few times he then improvises over the same chords using the tune as a reference. Notice the little ornament notes the fiddler adds to embellish or make the song more interesting. The tune is pretty simple but with all the little flourishes he adds, it really sings. I think it's safe to say that these boys would be really interested in some Bob Wills as I see this style as more Texas swing than anything else. What do you think?

The tune "Union Maid" is a bit of a hybrid song. The words are written by Woody Guthrie but he 'borrows' the verse melody from a piece by Robert Schumann called "The Merry Farmer" from the 1800s. He then takes the chorus from the melody of "Red Wing" (above). My favorite is a version by Old Crow Medicine Show. Read more about the song on Wikipedia here.